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Mayo Rodríguez Baeza

Chilean freelance performer, dancer and environmental engineer. Creative activator and producer with a focus on dance, cross-disciplinary and connection. Curator on dance, film, dance cinema and Artistic Director of Bestias Danzantes Dance Film Festival; Chilean platform focused on the exhibition, circulation, training and experimentation of Dance Cinema.

As a dancer – performer, she has been part of several pieces of renowned national choreographers, including large-format pieces with multicultural and civic casts, performed in relevant festivals in Chile, France, Germany and Holland.

In addition to performing, she has worked as an assistance director with the Chilean-Italian choreographer Pablo Tapia in the pieces PARTUZA, Ecuaciones Coreográficas and Must Be. During 2014 was selected to participate in the Barcelona International Dance Exchange (BIDE), participating in 3 research laboratories with dancers from the Southern Cone, Europe and North America (Buenos Aires, Argentina). In this instance, Co-led a laboratory, related with the concept of “social body” for dancers from Argentina and Italy, at Borges Cultural Center (Buenos Aires, Argentina).


As a creative and executive producer, she has participated in the creation and production of several creative and dance projects in Chile and abroad (Germany, France, Holland, Colombia, Argentina, Sweden, Finland); including 4 international tours of the renowned Chilean dance company “Jose Vidal & Cia”, with large format works and with a mixed cast of Chilean, local and citizen dancers (Holland Festival, Netherlands; Marseille Festival, France; Fokus Tanz #4: FAUX PAS and LIVE ART #9, Kampnagel, Germany)

As a curator, she has developed and collaborated in more than 25 special Dance and Dance Cinema programs for biennials, film festivals, dance festivals, screen dance festivals, universities and non-conventional spaces in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Finland, France, Germany, Romania and Sweden.

Germany, Hamburg

Alemania, Hamburgo

Germany, Hamburg

Alemania, Hamburgo

Chile, Santiago

The Netherlands, Holland

France, Marseille

Germany, Hamburg

Países Bajos, Holanda

Francia, Marsella

Alemania, Hamburgo

Chile, Santiago

Highlited Pieces



by niss_rodriguez


STAMP Festival

Germany, Hamburg (2021)


by Jose Vidal & Cia



Germany, Hamburg (2020)

Santiago a Mil Festival

Chile, Santiago (2019)

Rito de Primavera

by Jose Vidal & Cia

Fokus Tanz #4: FAUX PAS

Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany (2018)

Holland Festival

The Netherlands, Holland (2017)

Festival de Marseille

France, Marseille (2017)


Must Be

by Pablo Tapia

Matucana 100

Chile, Santiago (2015)

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